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Parenting FAIL

So today I thought it would be a fun sensory activity for both my boys to play with shaving cream.  But not just play with it.  I put both of them in the dry bathtub, naked, and squirted in over … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Speed Bump

I’m a total Daddy’s girl.  I have been for my whole life.  My dad and I have always been close, although that closeness has changed form over time.  We’ve been lucky enough to develop an adult relationship as we’ve both … Continue reading

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Where Has the Summer Gone? 9/7/11

Wow, so it’s been a while since I posted, a really long while… Where to start?  I kind of took some time to myself to process everything, to come to terms with everything.  I’ve been testing out talking about Bubs … Continue reading

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What the HELL??? 7/4/2011

First off, happy 4th ya’ll!  I know this is a stressful day for many ASD kiddos and their families… Luckily my Bubs likes fireworks and says “doon, doon” (boom, boom, damn those bilabials!) whenever he sees them! So it’s been … Continue reading

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An Answer – And a Name Change 7/1/2011

So yesterday was D Day.  And we got what we were expecting: Official diagnosis: Autism. I’m now amazed at how easy it was to hear.  No, it wasn’t easy to hear, but in the moment it wasn’t DEVESTATING.  It was … Continue reading

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D Day 6/29/2011

Tomorrow is D Day.  Diagnostic Day.  Diagnosis Day. Let me back up.  Earlier this summer, we found out that we were being referred to our school district/SEDOL (Special Education District Of Lake county) by EI (Early Intervention, state program through … Continue reading

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I Broke Today 6/10/2011

I broke today. Completely snapped. Curled into a ball on the floor sobbing. I don’t want this.  I DON’T want this.  I don’t WANT this.  I don’t want THIS.  I DON’T WANT THIS!!!!! I don’t want Bubba to have problems sitting … Continue reading

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