Where Has the Summer Gone? 9/7/11

Wow, so it’s been a while since I posted, a really long while…

Where to start?  I kind of took some time to myself to process everything, to come to terms with everything.  I’ve been testing out talking about Bubs and his diagnosis, trying different phrases and ways of describing it.  Taking into account Big A’s view on things, listening to how others use words and how they make me feel.  Figuring out what “speaks” to me about Autism, what inspires me, and what makes me uncomfortable.  I’m finding my place in this new world.

Oh, and I’ve been at Hogwarts all summer.

Well, not literally.  But I have been there in my head.  I’ve had the wonderful gift of being completely able to escape from my real life into the 7 books of Harry Potter.  I have always been an avid reader, but I’m not one to follow popular trends, so blew off the HP craziness when it started years ago.  For whatever reason (I’m thinking the Man Above gave me a push, knowing I needed a way to escape) I happened to watch the first movie one rainy Sunday in early July, and was instantaneously hooked.  A week later (thank you amazon.com) I had used copies of all the books in my possession and had already finished book 1… I vowed not to go see the final movie until a) I finished all the books and b) I had seen all the movies.  Finishing the books took me almost exactly 1 month.  And then Someone smiled on me again, because I managed to buy movies 1-6 on DVD for $5 each.  Ordered #7 on pay-per-view… so I’m planning on seeing #8 tomorrow night.

Bubs is doing fantastic.  Speech is continuing to go well, although I think we’re ready to move on from the Awesome Miss R.  I don’t think home-based speech therapy is what Bubs needs anymore.  He needs to get out there…  Oh, he did get chicken pox this summer.  Luckily a mild case, just on his tummy and it didn’t seem to bother him at all.  Monkey never came down with it.  So we were stuck in the house for 8 days until the rash scabbed over.  I was blessed with the opportunity to buy a huge plastic climber ($10, gotta love garage sales) and put it in the basement, so we survived (and will survive the winter the same way!).  Bubs also went to day camp at the park district… basically it was like a mini preschool program.  According to the teachers he did pretty well, but they weren’t surprised to hear about his diagnosis.  I chose to tell them at the end of the 4 weeks, because I wanted to see what they would see in him without the heads up.

Monkey is growing like crazy.  He’s crawling and pulling up on furniture, and is starting to stand on his own.  He is constantly all. up. in. his. brother’s. stuff!!!  Yes we are having brother moments, including a few hair pulling incidents: Bubba (sporting a buzz cut) is fascinated with Monkey’s wispy blonde mowhawk.  Our two newest phrases are “No no Monkey” and “Sorry Monkey”, sometimes interchangable.  But there are hugs and kisses and tons of eye contact going on too.  They both love music and laugh at each other as they dance together.  They share a passion for Mickey Mouse and laugh in unison at the openning sequence of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  So we are planning a December trip to Disney… more on that later.

Sorry this is so scattered… I’m leaving it up to inspiration and not obligation to write, and my brain’s a bit all over these days.

I’ve been following some other blogs, my favorite being diaryofamom.wordpress.com.  If you ever need inspiration as the parent of a kiddo with ASD, Jess is the one to give it.  Gonna close for now, I’ll post again soon when it’s not like following a rock skipping across the water.

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