What the HELL??? 7/4/2011

First off, happy 4th ya’ll!  I know this is a stressful day for many ASD kiddos and their families… Luckily my Bubs likes fireworks and says “doon, doon” (boom, boom, damn those bilabials!) whenever he sees them!

So it’s been 4 days since receiving the autism diagnosis.  And in those 4 days, MY SON HAS ACTED MORE AUTISTIC THAN HE EVER HAS!!!  What the HELL????  The very next morning he had a meltdown because I tried to put a tank top on him.  He flipped out because his shirt had no sleeves!!!  He’s worn tank tops before, just not this summer (first day it was hot enough out).  This was our very first meltdown over an article of clothing.  Ish.

Lots of stimming, lots of jargon talking and odd facial expressions, lots of random running around, lots and lots and LOTS of sensory seeking.  I actually asked him “did you just need permission?  Is that what getting the diagnosis did for you?  If they’re gonna call you autistic, you might as well act autistic?”  (no reaction by the way).

And by the way, on top of all that (and the new OBSESSION  with Finding Nemo, please Lord don’t make me start hating that beloved lil fish) I’m so ready to take the GFCF and shove it.  We’re planning on reintroducing gluten and casein (one at a time) in August to see what happens, but right now August seems sooooo far away!

I feel like a new family member has moved into our house, and  his name is Autism.  Like that deadbeat stray uncle that no one really wants to live with them but can’t say no because he’s family, and you just want to get rid of him but he’s parked on your couch eating chips and watching Cops…


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