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Thanksgiving Rollercoaster

I know that holidays are usually a series of ups and downs.  But I wasn’t prepared for the emotional rollercoaster I went through yesterday… and some of the stories aren’t even mine! First emotion: anxiety. Start the day off by … Continue reading

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Sisee’s Theory of Autism

First some backstory:  I used to teach autistic kiddos.  I worked at a school for severly autistic individuals.  Their mission statement was “To prevent the institutionalization of children diagnosed with autism” or something along those lines.  My college roommate and … Continue reading

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The Happiest Place on Earth (or… preparing for battle)

I grew up a Disney kid.  I loved fairy tales, and in the 70’s/80’s Disney was pretty much the only visual source for fairy tales (besides being the BEST source anyway!!).  I remember going to see various movies with my … Continue reading

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Parenting FAIL

So today I thought it would be a fun sensory activity for both my boys to play with shaving cream.  But not just play with it.  I put both of them in the dry bathtub, naked, and squirted in over … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Speed Bump

I’m a total Daddy’s girl.  I have been for my whole life.  My dad and I have always been close, although that closeness has changed form over time.  We’ve been lucky enough to develop an adult relationship as we’ve both … Continue reading

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